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Dunn & Watson Pty Ltd

With one of Australia’s largest range of gas struts you will always solve your gas strut and gas stay requirements at Dunn & Watson Pty Ltd.

Our gas strut range includes 6x15, 8x18 and 10x22 sizes in pressures ranging from 100n to 1200n. We can also custom manufacture gas struts or tailer gas stay pressures to your needs.

Our struts are commonly used in caravans, camper trailers and toolboxes, just to name a few.

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Whether you are looking for locks and handles, or quality fasteners and drawer slides, or perhaps some rubber seals, hinges, and gas struts, Dunn & Watson has got it all for you.

With a mission to provide clients with the finest hardware products at the most competitive prices, you can rest assured this company provides reliability and absolute satisfaction.

Their dedicated team believes that every customer deserves more than their money’s worth. They are willing to go the extra mile to provide expert and reliable service.

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These experts will do it right the first time. They guarantee that every purchase you make will be correctly shipped and delivered to you promptly and safely.

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Gas StrutsFrom Brisbane to Perth

Dunn & Watson is one of Australia’s largest industrial hardware suppliers. You will find what you are looking for!

Their extensive range of products includes the following:

  • Stainless handles and locks
  • Heavy duty fasteners
  • Drawer slides
    and runners
  • Vehicle drawer
    systems for 4x4 cargo,
    UTE and van
  • All forms of hinges
  • Fridge slides
  • Rubber and carpet
  • Foam and rubber
  • Gas Struts

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Gas StaysFrom QLD to NSW

Dunn & Watson is composed of a team of professional, helpful and honest staff members who are committed to providing you the best hardware supplies and solutions.

They ship regularly to anywhere in the world and offer competitive shipping rates.

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Browse through the catalogue on their website today and enjoy fast and secure shopping.

For special requests and particular product orders, give them a call at 1300 210 549 to discuss your hardware needs.